Protecting Indian Kids

The Indian Child Welfare Act protects Native American children and keeps families together. ICWA ensures children can stay with family, relatives and within their tribal community—a proven and essential component of nurturing their cultural identity and ensuring the health and welfare of tribes. Today, ICWA is in jeopardy.

Experts agree. ICWA is the gold standard for child welfare law. It is a holistic, culturally-sensitive approach to child care that acts in the best of interest of Indian children – always.

About ICWA

The Indian Child Welfare Act, commonly referred to as ICWA, is a critically important law that ensures Native American children who are separated from their families can stay within their tribal community.


Read important documents and other information about ICWA and the attacks against the law.

Who We Are

Protect Indian Kids is a coalition of four federally-recognized sovereign Indian tribes committed to protecting and preserving ICWA, and ensuring that all Indian children are safe, cared for and remain within their families and tribes.


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